Not on my radar, unless you are talking about ice cream.

I will admit that the job market in general has slowed since my last post. I would describe the first quarter of 2010 as frothy: lots of companies actively and aggressively recruiting, and lots of candidates anxious to rev up their careers after a couple of stagnant years. It was a heady combination. Then in early May, there was a pull back almost across the board. Companies became more hesitant to extend offers, and candidates began to balk at moves that could make them vulnerable. Overall, we’re still experiencing a much, much healthier market than in 2009, but the frothy head has settled down quite a bit.

Here in Chicago we have a saying: if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Seems like you could say the same thing about the job market these days. Along with the soaring summer temperatures, I am seeing evidence that things are heating up again in the marketplace. The number of analytics openings is climbing quickly, with consulting firms and retailers leading the way. Digital agencies are also resuming recruiting efforts. While these firms are just in the beginning stage of their searches, my prediction is that there will be another big wave of movement in the analytics community this fall.

So, I think this is a great time for a vacation. This year, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my family and I are headed to Mongolia. As my teenage daughter Becky said, “that’s pretty random, Mom”. We have always been inclined to get off the beaten track – although this is stretching it a bit for me. My husband Doug is the prime mover on this adventure – camping, boiled mutton, vodka and wilderness bathrooms are all in his wheelhouse. I agreed to go, on the condition that we spend four days in Beijing’s Peninsula Hotel on the way home. Stay tuned for messages from Mongolia!

In the meantime, Lauren Eck and the rest of our staff here at Burtch Works will be here to cover in my absence. In contrast to me, they will have air conditioning, easy access to Whole Foods, a fast internet connection, and a comfortable pillow to go home to.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. If your summer plans include an exciting travel vacation, keep us posted. If, on the other hand, you’re sticking closer to home, then be sure to ask for two scoops at your favorite ice cream parlor.


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