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Marketing and Data Science

Marketing scientists focus on answering the “what if” questions. They know that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and by developing sophisticated mathematical and statistical models, they extract the best information available based on real findings—not assumptions.

Marketing Research

More than number crunchers, marketing researchers are the masters of competitive intelligence and customer insights. Sometimes known as attitudinal researchers, they want to get into people’s heads to figure out what they think, what they want, and what motivates them.

Direct & Digital Marketing

Direct marketing (or integrated marketing) has evolved from junk mail into highly sophisticated strategies for getting a message to a targeted market. Today’s direct marketers are technology gurus, harnessing the ever-evolving "new media" in creative ways.

Credit & Risk Analytics

Working in the ever evolving technological and regulatory environments, these strategic professionals solve business problems with analytical insights in the dynamic space of commercial and consumer lending. 


Experience and Insider Knowledge

Burtch Works has an experienced team. In fact, our expertise in the highly-specialized arena of marketing disciplines and quantitative analytics is unparalleled.

The Burtch Works team brings integrity, passion, deep industry knowledge, and a strong network. We specialize in marketing research, marketing science, and direct and digital marketing, for a wide range of businesses and industries—from ground floor start ups to global corporate giants.


Passion and Commitment

We specialize in marketing research, marketing science, credit and risk analytics, and direct and digital marketing for a wide range of businesses and industries—from ground floor start ups to global corporate giants.

Deep Knowledge Base

Our experience and focus has produced a wealth of knowledge — of the industry, key players, career options, and the recruiting process. We are trusted advisors to both our clients and our candidates. We pride ourselves on a recruiting strategy that promotes ongoing partnerships with clients and career-spanning relationships with candidates. By nourishing these relationships, our candidates have advanced and grown, often into positions where they have become our clients.

Linda Burtch

Linda Burtch learn more

Linda Burtch

Linda Burtch is the founder and managing director of Burtch Works, and an executive recruiter specializing in placing quantitative and marketing professionals. Formerly a senior partner at Smith Hanley Associates, LLC, she managed the Midwest practice out of Chicago. An experienced recruiter, Linda has been placing entry-level through top tier executives in small, mid-sized and large businesses worldwide for more than 30 years.

Linda has made her name as an expert in the specialized field of quantitative marketing analytics. Linda says:

The people I work with are highly educated and part of a growing, often not well understood niche in the business world. I make it my business to get to know my clients and candidates as individuals, as well as to stay abreast of the industry as a whole.

I'm excited about the changes that emerging technologies are bringing to the marketplace — the open networking and transparent interfaces of social networking and the Internet are changing the way we do business in dynamic, sometimes unpredictable ways. This is a high-touch business that's all about building relationships. Burtch Works is affording me, as well as my clients and candidates, the flexibility to capitalize on the growing potential of these technologies.

With more than 30 years experience, I also know what works. I have a long, vested interest in the quantitative and marketing communities, and a true belief that these professions will continue to evolve and grow in important, interesting directions. My greatest professional satisfaction comes from helping candidates explore and reach their career potential, and working with clients to plan for and maximize the potential of their business. That's what I'm good at — that's what I know.

Now I want to get to know you. Feel free to contact me by phone or email and let's get the conversation started.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8560

Linda specializes in:

Analysis, data mining, data warehousing, database marketing, direct marketing modeling, e-commerce, web analytics, business intelligence, econometric modeling, forecasting, market mix modeling, media optimization, sales analysis, market research, SAS Programming, statistical modeling, survey research and syndicated data.

Katie Ferguson

Katie Ferguson learn more

Katie Ferguson

Katie Ferguson is an executive recruiter working in the highly specialized field of marketing science. Prior to joining Burtch Works, Katie served as a recruiting professional at Smith Hanley Associates, LLC, and spent six years as a recruiter and human resource generalist for the City of Chicago. She holds a Master's degree, with an emphasis in Human Resource Development, from the University of Illinois.

Katie has concentrated her efforts on becoming a recruiting specialist in the quantitative marketing science industry. Katie says:

I have a passion for recruiting and believe that establishing strong relationships and open lines of communication are the keys to identifying the optimal match between client and candidate. Recruiting is often an evolving process, and developing long-term relationships is critical to making the process a success.

Finding the right candidate for a client, and the right position for a candidate is a very personal experience. As I get to know the needs of my clients over time, I can be proactive in identifying the strongest candidates for their current and upcoming staffing needs. Qualifications listed on the big boards are only a part of the picture. Personal connections made by a recruiter with strong relationships will lead to a successful match that is likely to last.

Burtch Works is an entrepreneurial environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration. We have a very collegial atmosphere that facilitates idea sharing and open communication, which makes us all better recruiters.

I offer a thorough working understanding of the specialized field of marketing science and the variety of roles it encompasses. I use this knowledge to help clients successfully navigate the pool of candidates, and take deep personal satisfaction when I play an integral role in finding the best possible job for my candidates.

Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn. I look forward to getting to know you soon. I can be reached via my direct phone number or email listed below.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8562

Katie specializes in:

Data mining, economics, forecasting, marketing mix, market research analysis and pricing, marketing science, modeling, promotion response, quantitative marketing, regression analysis, SAS, statistics, survey methodology, database marketing, statistical modeling, data mining, campaign management, CRM, e-commerce, online marketing, SAS reporting, quantitative entry level, and web analytics.


Sandy Marmitt learn more

Sandy Marmitt

Sandy Marmitt is a recruiting specialist for all channels of direct marketing which includes campaign strategy and analytic modeling. She also specializes in the online/e-commerce marketing area which includes web analytics. An experienced professional, she spent more than four years as a full-cycle recruiter and 18 years as a corporate human resource generalist, recruiter and benefits administrator. Before joining Burtch Works, she was Director of the Midwest Direct Marketing Group for Smith Hanley Associates, LLC, and prior to that, was Director of Human Resources for Equitec Group, LLC.

Sandy is equally immersed in the practice of recruiting and keeping current with everything happening in the marketing world. Sandy says:

My role as a recruiter is to find the best fit for my clients and candidates. My three greatest assets as a recruiter are more than 20 years experience, a realistic attitude and a consultative approach. Anything can happen in this profession. With flexibility and experience, I am prepared to handle any situation.

It takes time to get to know both my candidates and clients, and getting to know them is the best part of my job. The more knowledge I have about a candidate's skills and personality, the more successful my recruiting efforts will be. It's equally important for me to develop long-term relationships with my clients, to determine their wants and needs, to get to know their preferences and company culture, so the candidates I refer are likely to be a good fit.

Along the way, I have developed relationships with hiring managers and corporate human resources professionals, allowing me to put my candidates directly in front of the decision makers, instead of getting lost in the black hole of the Internet resume submission process. People hire people — the Internet is just a tool — a valuable tool, to be sure, but only one of many that I have at my disposal.

Burtch Works is a positive, supportive environment, where we are steeped in industry knowledge that our clients and candidates appreciate. If you are interested in making a connection, contact me by my direct line or email address listed below, and be sure to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8563

Sandy specializes in:

Direct marketing, integrated marketing, direct mail, circulation, catalog, list management, database marketing, statistical modeling, data mining, campaign management, acquisition, retention, account management, CRM, e-commerce, online marketing, email marketing web analytics, online reporting.


Karla Ahern learn more

Karla Ahern

Karla started at Burtch Works in 2012 and is one half of the marketing research recruiting team. Along with Naomi Keller, Karla works with candidates with expertise in consumer insights, competitive intelligence, and all facets of marketing research. Prior to recruiting, Karla worked in various client services, account management and business development roles at SymphonyIRI, Knowledge Networks (purchased by GfK) and Dimestore (now known as GfK Digital Market Intelligence).

Karla says:

I worked in marketing research before joining Burtch Works so the transition to recruiting for this industry has been great. In my previous positions, I was tasked with creating relationships quickly and cultivating trust in those relationships. In my role as a recruiter, I'm doing the same thing - working with clients and candidates, and forging meaningful and long-term partnerships. This is something I truly enjoy and I think that makes me a better recruiter.

Recruiting blends my past experiences and skills to help match the best candidates with the best roles. Using a recruiter who knows you, your background, and what you're looking for in your next role is one of the best ways to make sure you're best represented as a candidate for an open position. Networking and using the internet are also invaluable tools, but working with a recruiter ensures that you are represented in the best possible light.

Burtch Works functions extremely well as a team. It's a very collaborative environment and we're always willing to help each other and bounce ideas off one another. This not only makes it a nice place to work, but it's beneficial to our clients and candidates as well who have a whole team of smart, experienced professionals behind them.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8564


Meghan Shea learn more

Meghan Shea

Meghan Shea offers extensive experience as a nationwide recruiter specializing in credit and risk strategy and analytics, as well as marketing analytics for financial services. Meghan has developed an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the credit industry, keeping her finger on the pulse of this complex, changeable business. She understands the team dynamics within the major organizations, as well as how various individuals and groups operate. Most recently, she recruited for Smith Hanley Associates, LLC and, prior to that, worked for Careers on the Move, a recruiting firm that focused on a variety of skill sets within the financial services industry.

Meghan knows the movers and shakers of the credit and financial industry. She says:

Establishing strong, long-term relationships is key. As a recruiter, you develop credibility over time, by placing candidates with clients who continue to thrive in the marketplace.

I'm able to follow candidates throughout their careers and work with them in a consultative way to help them manage their careers. Once I successfully place a candidate, I nurture that relationship as he or she grows professionally.

I believe my best assets as a recruiter are a strong work ethic and a diplomatic nature. I am able to translate a particular opportunity to a candidate to make it appealing to them, as well as to communicate the personality of the candidate to the client. These personal interactions transcend the flat, two-dimensional process of Internet recruiting, resulting in better matches for clients and candidates alike. In the long run, it's the personal connections that make the difference.

Linda Burtch has assembled a talented, enthusiastic team at Burtch Works. Her reputation in the industry brings credibility to the entire company. The team members bring a positive, cooperative spirit to the workday, and we often brainstorm about jobs, candidates and client opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email, and connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to working with you.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8570

Meghan specializes in:

Statistical Analysis, Credit Scoring, Quantitative Marketing, Portfolio Management, Risk Analysis, Pricing, Fraud, Credit Policy, Loss Forecasting, Risk Management, Basel II Modeling, Behavioral Modeling, Targeting / Segmentation, Predictive Modeling, CRM, Data Mining, SAS Programming, Campaign Management, Direct Marketing, e-Commerce, Partnership Marketing, Rewards / Loyalty Marketing, Web Analytics, Online Advertising, Survey Research, Sales Analysis, New Product Research, Strategic Planning, Consumer & Commercial Lending, Call Center Operations, Digital Marketing


Naomi Keller learn more

Naomi Keller

Naomi has been a Recruiter with Burtch Works since the summer of 2012, working with marketing research candidates. Prior to joining Burtch Works, Naomi was Associate Vice President of Business Development at GfK. Her firsthand experience in Marketing Research with GfK, Knowledge Networks, and Ipsos has put her in a unique position to assist her candidates and clients in the field.

Naomi says:

Marketing research has expanded in really amazing ways over the years. There are so many great consumer insights divisions across different companies conducting interesting, progressive, and consultative work. I feel like I have a unique view of the market from working with a myriad of companies and their consumer and shopper insights teams. I look forward to helping our clients grow these teams by providing them with the best possible talent. It's like a giant puzzle, finding the right fit between a candidate and client, and I love spending my days talking to both sides, hearing about each of their goals and how they can be mutually beneficial.

Having worked within the marketing research field for eight years, I have a good sense of the types of roles available and the skills necessary to succeed. Now as a recruiter, I am committed to sharing my knowledge with our candidates. I think it's critical to have a genuine interest in seeing candidates find a good match in order for them to be successful within their new roles. At the same time, you have to build a strong relationship with your clients and make sure that the resumes you are putting in front of them represent the best and brightest talent out there.

Burtch Works is an incredibly cooperative and team-oriented environment. We are constantly brainstorming and working together to find our clients the best talent and to find our candidates the best next step in their careers.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8565


Barbara Bednarowski learn more

Barbara Bednarowski

Barbara Bednarowski joined Burtch Works in early 2012 as a research associate. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where she studied English.

Barbara has a strong background in customer service and is excited to be working with the seasoned professionals at Burtch Works as the organization grows. Barbara says:

My role allows me to keep our candidates updated about new jobs and overall activity in the job market in creative ways, whether it's sharing an article on Twitter, researching job trends, or sending candidates updates on what jobs we are currently sourcing.

I'm extremely detail oriented and have learned to ask the right questions. My customer service background makes me comfortable communicating with both clients and candidates, and that elicits trust. The candidate needs to trust that we are working with excellent companies that can offer them good opportunities, and the client needs to trust us to send them outstanding candidates. I think Burtch Works excels at both.

While the Internet can be a great resource for starting your job search, it can also add stress to the process. Often, you can apply to dozens of jobs without ever hearing back from a real person. Working with a recruiter helps eliminate that stress. If you want feedback from an application or an interview, we're only a phone call away and our long-standing relationships with clients means we can get answers.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or call or email me directly.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 859-4216


Katie Prezas learn more

Katie Prezas

Katie Prezas is a Manager of Recruiting Research and part of the Burtch Works marketing science team that supports senior-level roles and candidates. Prior to joining Burtch Works, Katie was part of a small market research consultancy in the Chicago suburbs working on-site with the firm's top client, a high-profile Fortune 500 organization. There she led a team of analysts responsible for quantitative and qualitative primary research focused on customer experience, store operations, and new product testing. She holds a graduate degree in industrial/organizational psychology.

Katie has extensive training in statistics and experience in data aggregation, analysis, and interpretation. Katie says:

Our ability to specialize in the specific niche area of quantitative recruiting has allowed us to establish rich expertise, something we're able to share with and leverage for our clients. I have developed extensive knowledge of the movements and trends within the analytics industry, which builds credibility and trust, and allows me to forge strong relationships with both clients and candidates.

For candidates, we serve as a source of some of the best analytics jobs currently available, and as trusted career advisors—a source of information and advice at each decision point. For clients, long-term relationships help us to gain a deeper understanding of their team and talent needs, which helps us to tailor our searches for additional employees and provide them with only the most highly-qualified candidates.

I believe our team offers a unique value proposition to candidates in the analytics and market research space. My knowledge of market research and analytics helped me quickly jump into the lingo of this industry and connect with candidates on a deeper level. In addition, my education in I/O psychology makes me well versed in employee selection procedures, including behavioral, situational, and other interviewing techniques.

My phone number, email address and LinkedIn information is provided below. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8568


Kayla Schulenburg learn more

Kayla Schulenburg

Burtch Works’ office manager. Prior to joining Burtch Works she worked at Association Management Center in the meetings department as the registration assistant, then as the registration coordinator, working with conference registration logistics.

Kayla says:

As the office manager my goal is to contribute to the overall success of the company through administrative logistics. Everyone here is very dedicated and passionate about their work, and I felt working in such an environment aligned perfectly with my career goals. When you’re surrounded by people that truly love their jobs it makes for a truly collaborative work environment.

Because of my previous experience with customer service, project management and client relationship development I’ve developed a strong ability to multi-task in a deadline driven environment. My ability to stay organized and attentive is critical to ensuring success here at Burtch Works, and my goal is always to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8567


Jessica Chinnadurai learn more

Jessica Chinnadurai

Jessica has been with Burtch Works since early 2013. In her current role, she supports Linda Burtch assisting in administrative and research duties and managing candidate and client relationships. Jessica is a recent graduate from Loyola University where she studied Political Science, International Relations, and Psychology. Prior to joining Burtch Works, she worked at a local law office and held an internship with Missouri Representative Ellen Brandom.

Jessica says:

This is definitely a challenging and exciting role for me. While I've had experience working in the legal field and in government, business is a huge step and I'm learning so much. Being involved in the day to day process of a business is very interesting and fulfilling.

Market research and marketing science have grown a lot over the years and although I've never worked in this field before, it's been a great experience so far and I see such devotion in our entire team here to the industry. Burtch Works is still a relatively small company, but its influence is huge. I think Linda really strives to offer a personal experience for her clients and candidates and all of the recruiters seem to have the same goal in mind.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 859-4213


Heidi Kalish learn more

Heidi Kalish

Heidi is one of Burtch Works’ most experienced recruiters and is currently doing selective contract work supporting quantitative candidates and clients. In addition to her role as a recruiter and sourcer, Heidi balances her project work at Burtch Works with a new career in photography.

Heidi says:

I worked with Linda Burtch at Smith Hanley Associates for 10 years and am excited to be working with her again at Burtch Works. I have done project recruiting with Burtch Works in the past and absolutely love the work and people here. I really consider them my second family and I think that closeness transfers into our recruiting efforts. We all work together in various capacities and it makes us successful.

Regardless of how technical our society becomes, strong personal relationship will always win out over a faceless job process. Burtch Works is committed to building those strong relationships with both our candidates and our clients and that’s why we have worked with many of them for several years.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 859-4217


Ellen Haeg learn more

Ellen Haeg

Ellen is a Research Associate who joined Burtch Works in early 2013, assisting the Burtch Works marketing research recruiters in day to day job management. Before recruiting, Ellen worked in digital marketing in both sales and quality assurance roles.

Ellen says:

Recruiting is a new endeavor for me but it also builds on my experience in marketing. I’ve always been a focused and curious person by nature, and I like that this position allows me to utilize my curiosity to help our team, our candidates, and our clients. I love supporting small teams and working in a close, collaborative environment, and I think Burtch Works is so successful because of this structure.

Recruiters are invaluable because of the democratization of the job search. Employers and HR departments are now quickly flooded with applicants for job openings, but with their deep industry knowledge, recruiters can streamline the process by identifying and securing highly qualified candidates. In marketing research specifically, the growth of social media has greatly expanded our access to information about consumers and buying habits. There are huge opportunities in marketing research as companies recognize that potential and staff accordingly. I’m excited to help match our clients to qualified candidates and participate in this quickly growing field.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 859-4212


Erinn Tobin learn more

Erinn Tobin

Erinn Tobin joined Burtch Works in 2013 to support marketing science recruiting. Prior to that, she worked at an association management company working on conference registration logistics, and she continues to balance her work life with spending time with her horse Leo.

Erinn says:

I have always had an interest in the field of recruiting. It’s an exciting career and it allows you to learn and keep up with an industry that is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Marketing science is filled with so many possibilities and it is great being able to network with interesting people and connect them to new opportunities.

While it’s easy for candidates to limit their job searches to online applications, the process can oftentimes be fruitless and time consuming. Working with a recruiter offers professionals different choices that they might have been otherwise unaware of. A recruiter’s personal relationship with a candidate or client company is an assurance that the candidate and job will be a good match. After meeting with the staff here at Burtch Works and joining this amazing team, I’m more certain of that than ever.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 440-8561


Stacy Bosowski learn more

Stacy Bosowski

Stacy Bosowski is Burtch Works’ Social Media Manager. After studying creative writing at Oberlin College, Stacy worked as a project leader at a large marketing company before joining the Burtch Works team.

Stacy says:

Having worked at several larger companies I was ready to move on to a smaller firm where I could really see my impact, and I wanted to work in a collaborative work environment. I really enjoy working across our various social media accounts, since each requires a slightly different writing style and tailored content for our audience on each platform. Translating long-form posts into short-form posts (like Twitter) is a fun challenge, and I enjoy bringing creativity to the numbers-driven world of Big Data.

The analytics fields are evolving at a rapid pace, and the purpose of our social media channels is to ensure that our followers have access to the latest information that is of interest to the community. The Burtch Works social media channels also serve as an outlet for original findings such as our salary studies and flash survey results. Since we have a unique vantage point as a recruiting firm, I like to post career information that I believe to be the most relevant to the quantitative professionals we work with, and through tracking talent movement we know how candidates and clients can maximize their potential.


Adam Flugel learn more

Adam Flugel

Adam Flugel is an executive recruiter working in the specialized field of data science. Before coming to Burtch Works, Adam was a retail merchandiser and SAT Classroom Instructor, and graduated from Cornell after studying Psychology and Film.

Adam says:

With my degree in psychology and interest in communication, I wanted to work in a people-centric sector of business such as HR. Since Burtch Works deals with individuals extensively, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to communicate with a vast array of people from all over the country, and to see how various businesses function.

I build business relationships through my genuine interest and curiosity about others, and believe that if you’re fully engaged in a conversation your enthusiasm tends to be reciprocated. I hope to apply what I learned in my Psychology courses to communicate in an effective and intuitive way, whether that is in a presentation, a phone call, or with other members of the team.

With the internet full of job boards, applying to a job has become as simple as clicking a button. However, that means there’s a sea of resumes flowing into every open position. From the candidate’s and employer’s perspective the lines of communication are very crowded, which makes hiring difficult for everyone involved. Having a dedicated team like Burtch Works, that understands the needs of employers as well as the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the candidates, is a great way to connect businesses with individuals without all the guesswork that usually comes with the process. With all of the activity lately, I’m excited to be on board as Burtch Works continues to grow.

What We Do

Analytics Management, Business Intelligence, Consumer Insights, Credit Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Science, Digital Analytics, Direct Marketing, eCommerce, Integrated Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Media Optimization, New Product Development, Operations Research, Pricing, Risk Analytics, Sales Analytics, Search Marketing Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics contact us

“We’re rapidly entering a world where everything can be monitored and measured, but the big problem is going to be the ability of humans to use, analyze and make sense of the data” Erik Brynjolfsson, economist

Right Candidate in the Right Job

Finding the right marketing or quantitative specialist can be an elusive proposition. Companies often rely on job boards and LinkedIn to identify new talent. Unfortunately, that can be a time consuming, and costly process—and not terribly effective. Qualified candidates are scarce, generally happy in their current positions, and not looking to the big board job-search sites for opportunities. We use our expansive network of connections, and database of candidates to secure the individual who will be the best fit for your company. By using our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we can find qualified candidates accurately and efficiently.

We understand that your business needs to go beyond technical know-how. We can hone in on the one professional who will bring the optimum mix of technical expertise and business savvy necessary to become a marketing leader in your organization. Bringing on a new hire is always a costly endeavor. Burtch Works will maximize your investment by ensuring that you hire the right person the first time.

Transparent Process

Our business is the business of change. In addition to finding that singular person to meet a specific, one-time opening, we work closely with our clients on their long-term planning and manpower solutions. We have been instrumental in helping clients define their strategic hiring goals, and dedicate ourselves to staffing substantial teams over the course of years.

We believe open communication and a transparent recruiting process are essential to our client relationships. You can count on Burtch Works to meet every challenge with honesty and integrity.

Top Candidates are Scarce

The recruiting experts at Burtch Works strive to develop long-term relationships with our candidates, following them through every phase of their careers and often serving as their primary career advisors. We know their job titles, which vary from industry to industry. We know the salary ranges at every level, and we closely monitor changes and shakeups within the industry. Consistent contact, and a thorough knowledge of the discipline and its players, mean we know how and where to find the professional companies need. This is what we do—all day, every day.



You Have Chosen Your Career Wisely

As recent business press has reported, careers in marketing and the marketing sciences are continuing to experience dramatic growth, which means that you, as a marketing specialist, have chosen your career wisely. Now let us help you find the right opportunity.

The Burtch Works team is interested in you and your long-term career, not just one job placement. If you have questions or concerns, we are here to listen. If you need guidance to plan the next phase of your career, we have the expertise and experience to help you map out your future.

We Are Your Trusted Career Advisor

We have a nationwide practice with our finger on the pulse of the global economy. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you, whether you are just beginning your career, ready to take the next step, or at the top of your game. We know this business inside and out: the job titles (which vary from industry to industry), the long-term staffing needs of our clients, and the names and core concerns of the key decision makers. We use our industry knowledge and our understanding of your needs and assets to create the best possible match.

We Are Committed to You

At Burtch Works, our commitment is to be there for you as your life and your career needs change. We serve as guides, advising you during the most critical decision-making times of your life.

Check out our resources page for additional help and guidance.

Job Listings

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An unprecedented look into the salaries of Data Science, Big Data, and Marketing Research Professionals

The Burtch Works Study for Data Scientists was cited in the Wall Street Journal, during an interview with Linda Burtch about the demand for Big Data skills in the workplace.

Click here to read the full article

The Burtch Works Study and Managing Director, Linda Burtch, were cited in a front-page story in the Chicago Tribune’s Business section.

Click here to read the full article about Big Data jobs.

Helpful Resources

Do's and Dont’s for Entry Level Statisticians

Do's and Dont’s for Entry Level Statisticians

Conducting a job search is a daunting experience, especially for recent or soon-to-be grads. By most estimates, the average US worker changes jobs 7-10 times over the course of his career. The skills you learn during this job hunt will be valuable throughout your career.

In his online book, College Grad Job Hunter, author Brian D. Krueger states: "Job search is a game, complete with a defined set of rules. You need to play by the rules. But to win, you will need to push those rules to the limits." For a complete online guide for first-timer job hunters, you can read this book, available for free in its entirety at:

So, if job hunting is a game, what are the rules? Here are a few:

Know Thyself

This is the first and probably most important step in any job search. Before you even start to write (or rewrite) your resume, you need to make an assessment of your wants, needs, skills and experience. Don’t expect an employer to answer these questions for you. You need to know the answers before you interview:

  • What area or industry of statistics are you interested in? Ex – marketing, biostatistics, academia, financial services?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What are your expenses?
  • How much money do you need to make right now?

Get Organized

According to Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, "Good order is the foundation of all things." Good order is certainly the foundation of a job search. For example, you need to know where you have sent your resume. It’s bad form to submit to the same job opening through an ad, a recruiter and a job bank — it looks like you’re applying to every job you see. Take some time now to organize your search and you will never be caught off guard.

  • Put your job search information in one place
    • make separate files on your computer
  • Organize your resume
    • it’s OK to have more than one version of your resume - update them all regularly on your computer
    • keep several clean hard copies of your resume in individual files, so that you’re always prepared for an interview
  • Track your search using a spreadsheet
    • Keep a list of names, places where you have sent your resume. Include:
      • the ad or job description
      • contact name and title
      • company name and address
      • company website
      • keep a copy of every letter you receive and/or send out
      • Set up a file with the research you have gathered about the company
      • Make a contact card for every person you meet at a company, including the gatekeepers - secretaries and receptionists. Learn their names (including how to spell them) and positions.

Be Prepared

Don’t be caught off guard. Here are a few simple things you can do ahead of time so you are ready to interview at a moment’s notice:

  • Clean your suit or interview outfit
  • Have a clean shirt and tie ready at all times
  • Shine your shoe
  • Have a supply of clean dark socks or pantyhose
  • Get your hair cut
  • Buy a briefcase and portfolio
  • Prepare your interview kit:
    • briefcase
    • pens
    • portfolio with legal pad
    • extra copies of your resume
    • reference list
    • calendar

Be Professional

This may be the biggest change you have to make in order to be a successful job hunter. Start thinking and acting like an employee, as if you already have the job. The tips already listed here will help you transform yourself from a student into a professional, but what else can you do?

  • Change your outgoing message on your answering machine. Keep it simple and professional, and be sure to ask the caller to leave a name, phone number and the best time to return the call.
  • Return phone calls promptly.
  • Start networking - tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job.
  • Be honest. Inaccurate information on your resume or in an interview are easily checked and will come back to haunt you.
  • Subscribe to professional journals and statistical associations. The American Statistical Association is a great place to network:
  • Make your search a job in itself: plan your day; set a schedule, even if you don’t have an interview planned — do research, make phone calls, update your resume, practice your interviewing skills. Do something every day to improve your chances.

Keep You Chin Up

Job hunting is hard work. It may be alternately frustrating and fascinating, tedious and exciting. And, while you know you will ultimately be successful, your ego can take a beating along the way. One of the most important tools you can keep in your job hunt survival kit is a sense of humor. During your search, surround yourself with positive people, and get plenty of rest and exercise. Check out "The Top 10 Ways to Stay Confident During a Job Search!" by Judi Craig, PhD at:

For a few laughs about job hunting, visit And for some revealing experiences from the other side of the hiring desk, visit If you can’t figure out why these stories are funny, you need more work on your interviewing skills (and your sense of humor!).

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

1. Know what makes you valuable.

Be prepared to ask questions about why the company should hire you. Restate some of the key aspects of the job and describe how your qualifications and their requirements match.

2. Give a voice to your resume.

Be careful not to repeat your resume. Rather, elaborate on its contents. This is your chance to speak to the accomplishments that you couldn’t go into detail on in paper.

3. Do your research.

It’s vital that you know what the position you are interviewing for requires. Make sure you know the name of the person you will be speaking to ahead of time, and research their title and background. Review the job description carefully, and give thought to why you would be a valuable hire.

4. Prepare questions to ask.

After researching the role and company, identify the parts of the equation you have questions about, and prepare a list. Possible questions may be:

  • What are the qualities of an ideal candidate for this position?
  • What is the overall structure of the company and how does this team fit the structure?
  • What are the opportunities for growth in this position?
  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?
  • What is an example of a typical project I’d be working on?
  • What would I expect to learn in the first three months?
  • What is the training like for new employees?
  • Who would be my direct manager?
  • What are the performance expectations for this position in the first year?
  • How will my performance be measured?
  • Ask about the interviewer’s experience at the company: How long have you worked here? What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • What is the company’s culture and work environment like?
  • Does this position involve interaction with clients? If not, will it likely involve client interaction in the future?

5. Present your skills and professional goals as accurately as possible.

Approach your interview with honesty and authenticity. Both parties benefit most when an open dialogue is established from the beginning. Companies want to hire professionals who not only have the skills needed to get the job done, but who they want to have as colleagues because of their integrity.

Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

1. Be concise.

Candidates with one to five years of experience need only have a one page resume. More senior candidates can add additional pages if needed to fully present their past experience.

2. Use standard resume structure.

List jobs and education in chronological order, with the most recent experience first. Use bullet points when appropriate, and make the information as clear as possible. Simple formatting is best, as it allows the resume to be sent and received more easily, and without compromising the content.

3. Include a header.

Headers should list your name, best contact number, email, and physical address. Only list your work number if you are prepared to receive calls at that number.

4. Choosing Objectives versus Qualifications.

Objectives are best used by entry-level candidates who don’t have the previous experience to speak to their skills and/or needs. More established job seekers can eliminate the Objectives section, and focus instead on Qualifications. This section should include the types of analyses you are familiar with, the industries in which you have experience, and the tools you are qualified to use.

5. The Education section should move based on your level of experience.

Education is more relevant earlier in your career, and should be listed before work experience on your resume. Senior candidates can move their education to the bottom portion of their resumes.

6. Including your publications is controversial.

Generally, publications aren’t necessary to include when applying for a role in marketing analytics. Rather, if you are published, include them in a separate document for reference if need be.

7. Including references isn’t necessary.

Companies will ask for references as needed. By including them on your resume, you run the risk of having your references contacted without warning, which can have negative consequences.

8. Tailor your resume to the role at hand.

If at all possible, note the needs of the position for which you are interviewing, and highlight your skills and experience appropriately in your resume. Emphasize the time you spent on a project where you used similar tools/skills in the past. Call attention to previous positions within the same industry, and update them appropriately.

9. Write what you want them to know.

Your resume is your first introduction to the company. Write so that they have a thorough introduction to your strengths and accomplishments, and make them want to talk with you.

Suggestions for a Successful Phone Interview

Suggestions for a Successful Telephone Interview

  • Telephone interviews generally take 15 - 30 minutes. This is your first chance to make a good impression.
  • Try to take calls on a land-line. If by cell make sure it is charged.
  • Find a quiet, private place so you can talk freely, without distraction.
  • Never do an interview unless it has been scheduled. If you are contacted directly by company, schedule for a later time so you have ample time to prepare.
  • Prepare for the interview; find out specific facts about the company; products and services, REVIEW THEIR WEBSITE.
  • Review the job description; be prepared to discuss your academic work as it relates to the position.
  • Prepare potential questions and answers in advance so that you don’t use up too much time.
  • Be prepared to answer general and technical questions like:
    • Why did you choose a career in statistics?
    • Why are you interested in working for our company?
    • What style of management do you work well with?
    • What courses have you taken? What was your favorite course?
    • What are your weaknesses and what are your strengths? (Be sure to list strengths that are relevant to the position)
    • What statistical techniques you are most comfortable using?
    • Are you comfortable relocating to ___? (Only if the position would involve a relocation on your part)
  • Be prepared to answer behavioral questions such as:
    • Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult teammate
    • Describe a statistical project you’ve worked on from start to finish
    • Tell me about a time you worked with a major deadline.
    • How do you typically handle stress or pressure?
    • What motivates you?
  • Speak clearly, loudly and concisely.
  • Remember that everyone you speak to is instrumental in the hiring process.
  • Allow your personality to come through.
  • The interviewer will be assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Specific characteristics will be probed such as attitude, statistical aptitude, stability, motivation and maturity.
  • Follow the interviewer’s leads, but try to obtain additional information on the position and duties expected.
  • Be relaxed and natural. Respond to questions honestly and directly. Ask the interviewer to repeat any questions you don’t understand.
  • DON’T answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Give clear examples of how you have used your skills and experience to solve problems. Be able to discuss anything on your resume.
  • DON’T ask about the salary or benefits, this is something your Burtch Works representative handles for you after the interview.
  • Communicate your interest level to the interviewer.
  • Follow up with your recruiter for feedback and next steps.



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