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Salary Information

For comprehensive salary information for quantitative analytics, marketing research, and data science professionals, please make sure to download Burtch Works’ landmark salary studies for Predictive Analytics Professionals, Data Scientists and Marketing Research Professionals here.


2017 Data Science Salary Study – Linda Burtch and Naomi Keller present findings from our fourth annual report, The Burtch Works Study: Salaries of Data Scientists 2017, as we’ve been able to observe several key trends take shape for the “sexiest job of the 21st century”.

2017 Predictions for the Analytics & Data Science Hiring Market – As the analytics and data science continue to evolve faster than ever, how can you make sure your career is prepared for the road ahead? With over 30 years’ experience recruiting quantitative professionals, Linda Burtch shares her predictions for the future of these fields, and what data experts should do.

2016 Marketing Research Salary Study – Burtch Works’ Marketing Research team, Karla Ahern and Kit Nordmark, present highlights from the 2016 report, containing updated compensation and demographic data, as well as extensive industry insights based on all of the changes in marketing research during the past year.

Analytics & Data Science Industry Insights from a Chief Analytics Officer – If you’ve ever wanted career and hiring insights from the Chief Analytics Officer of a multinational company, join Linda Burtch and Meghan Shea for this enlightening interview with Joe DeCosmo, a seasoned quantitative executive with great advice for analytics and data science professionals as well as those looking to hire them.

2016 Predictive Analytics Salary Study – In our latest Predictive Analytics salary study webinar, Sandy Marmitt and Meghan Shea present highlights from our latest 2016 report, with new compensation trends and industry insights for any analytics professional planning their career or hiring manager hoping to hire quantitative professionals.

Data Science & Analytics Career Strategies – Katie Ferguson and Linda Burtch present excellent career planning information all the way from early career to CEO, in this variation on their capstone presentation for the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association’s 2016 luncheon series.

SAS, R, or Python 2016 Survey Results – In this 15-minute mini-webinar, we present the latest results to our annual SAS vs. R survey (this year with Python added by popular request!). See how preferences vary by region, industry, years’ experience, education, and more!

Job Search Tips for Students Pursuing Analytics and Data Science – In this webinar, originally presented to students in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Master’s in Analytics program, Burtch Works recruiters cover helpful information and do’s and don’ts for quantitative students graduating their degree programs who hope to get into the growing fields of analytics and data science.

Entry Do’s and Don’ts – Beginning your career or looking to enhance your marketability? Our entry-level recruiting specialists share their best tips on interviews, internships, references, and more, for those entering the quantitative workforce.

Young Analytics Professionals

Internships – Internships can play a crucial part in securing employment after graduation. Learn why and how to make the most out of yours in this white paper.

Job Search Research – Attempting to plan your career without researching the companies you’re applying to isn’t just difficult – it’s almost impossible. The better prepared you are for your interview the more you’ll shine, and it starts with knowing the company you’re applying to inside and out. Learn more.

Phone Interview – The well-executed phone interview is an essential step in the hiring process; in this paper we present our best tips for phone interviews.

In-Person Interview – The final step in the interview process is usually the most daunting: the in-person interview. Learn how to wow your interviewer and stand apart from the competition.

References – A good reference can make or break your chances of securing a job offer. Learn what makes a good reference and who you should be asking.

Communication – Not everyone that you interact with will share your breadth of technical knowledge, which makes learning to communicate your ideas across industries a crucial skill in pursuing a quantitative or research career. Read more.

SAS – There are many technical tools you have to choose from, one of the most commonly used is SAS. Getting an SAS certification can be crucial in making sure your resume stands above the rest. Learn more.

Visas – The visa process can be tricky but can play an important factor in your employment consideration; check out this white paper for a rundown of the basics.