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Our industry knowledge, understanding of your professional goals, and insight into our client’s needs allows us to create the best possible match. And we continually add to our knowledge base with ongoing research and study. Whether you’re looking for market research jobs or credit risk analyst jobs, we have the resources you need to help you take the next step in your career, whether that’s the analytics or data scientist career path, or in research and insights.

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Data Science & Analytics

2021 Burtch Works Study: Data Science & Analytics Salary Report Highlights – Our overview of some of the developing trends from our 2021 salary report for data scientists and analytics professionals.

12 Key Data Scientist Skills in 2021 – This post the key skills that employers have been looking for in our most recent data scientist recruiting searches.

2021 Predictions for the Data Science and Analytics Hiring Market – Where is the data science & analytics market headed? Our team shares their insights on developing trends.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Data Science & Analytics Job Searches – This post shares all of our specialized job search resources in one place: resumes, interview prep, negotiating offers, evaluating job packages, and more!

10 Reasons for Data Scientists and Analytics Pros to Consider a Job Change – The best time to look for a new job is before you HAVE to! Here are 10 signs that it might be the right time.

7 Tips for Negotiating Your Data Scientist Salary – Our experts share their advice on how best to approach the negotiation process, plus how to ask for more.

How to Evaluate Data Scientist Job Offers – How can you decide between job offers? Here’s what to keep in mind when considering compensation, benefits, relocation, and more.

How Data Scientists & Analytics Pros Can Manage Multiple Job Offers – Our team shares how you can expertly navigate the job search process when you’re evaluating multiple job offers.

Beyond the Unicorn: 4 Developing Data Scientist Career Paths – As data science specialists are in higher demand, there are four growing areas where employers are looking for specialized skills.

The Challenge for Data Scientists and Analytics Pros in Financial Services – How can analytics professionals in financial services keep their skills sharp even if their employer isn’t pursuing cutting-edge technology?

How to Prepare for Data Scientist Interview Presentations – Presentations are becoming more common in analytics and data science interviews, here’s how you can improve your skills.

How to Manage Title Confusion in Data Science and Analytics – Titles in data science and analytics can mean different things to different people. Here’s how to make sure you know what you’re in for.

The Pros & Cons of Working Remotely in Analytics – Here are the top things to keep in mind when evaluating a remote analytics role.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research & Consumer Insights 2020 Salary Report Highlights – Our experts look at current industry trends as well as what the future holds for the research field.

Questions to ask When Interviewing for Marketing Research Positions – Our team shares their expert advice on asking questions during interview to assess potential roles and make a strong, positive impression on your interviewers.

How to Evaluate Marketing Research and Consumer Insights Opportunities – This post offers excellent advice on how to weight research and insights opportunities as well as other factors to keep in mind.

The Comprehensive Resume Guide for Research & Insights Pros – Creating engaging resumes can be tough, but our experts are here to help! This guide covers resume tailoring, constructing bullets, crafting a narrative, and much more.

2019 Marketing Research Career Planning: Salaries, Resume & Interview Guide, Assessing Opportunities – Webinar recording with comprehensive career advice from our research & insights recruiting specialists.

2018 Survey Results: What Trends are Marketing Researchers Excited About? – We surveyed our network of researchers to see which trends they’re interested in, plus how you can adapt to changing technologies.

Should Marketing Researchers Get a Masters or an MBA? – Which degrees are most common in Marketing Research, and what roles are they best suited for?

8 Key LinkedIn Profile Tips for Marketing Researchers – LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and finding opportunities, here’s how to get the most out of your profile.

Interpreting Job Title Discrepancies in Marketing Research – Job titles in marketing research and consumer insights don’t always indicate what the role entails. Here’s how you can make sure the role you’re applying to matches your expectations.

How Marketing Researchers Can Stand Out While Interviewing – With so many research & insights professionals having similar backgrounds and experience, knowing how to stand out is key.

How to Tackle Assignments in your Marketing Research Job Search – Assignments are becoming commonplace in the marketing research hiring process; here’s what to keep in mind.

Salary Negotiation Tips for Marketing Researchers – Great tips from our marketing research specialists on managing the offer process and salary negotiation.

Data Engineering

Data Engineer Careers Q&A: Hybrid Roles, Remote Work, Adding Skills, and More – Our team shares their insights on a variety of common job search and career questions from data engineers.

9 Predictions for Data Engineering in 2021 and Beyond – Where is the data engineering space headed over the next few years? Our team offers their predictions on several developing trends.

3 Essential Soft Skills for Data Engineers – There are three important soft skills for data engineers to master, especially if they’re looking to transition into management or leadership roles.

Data Engineer vs. Data Scientist: What’s the Difference? – How does the typical data engineer background vary from a data scientist, and what are their typical job responsibilities?

Decoding Data Engineering Job Titles & Specializations – What’s the difference between different data engineering specializations, and what are the most common job titles you might see?

12 Do’s and Don’ts for Data Engineer Resumes – With such a wide variety of technical skills, how can you create a targeted and concise resume? Here are our best tips.

The Rise of Data Engineering: Common Skills and Tools – Data engineers are becoming a common fixture on growing data teams, so we looked at common skills and tools for this growing profession.

Digital & Web Analytics

3 Growing Salesforce-Focused Roles in the Digital Space – Specialized Salesforce roles are on the rise in the digital space – here are three types that we’ve been hearing about more often.

What Digital Professionals Need to Know About Tag Management – There has been a surge in demand for tag management skills, but what do you need to know about it, and how can learning more help your career?

How to Explain Digital Projects Concisely and Effectively – It’s important to know what information to include about your projects in interviews, so our team shares their best advice.

Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics: Which One is Right for You? – When evaluating these tools, how can you decide which one is best for your team?

How Digital Analytics and Strategy Pros Can Create Targeted Resumes – With a broad set of experience, creating targeted resumes helps to highlight your most relevant experience. Here’s what to include for digital analytics vs. strategy resumes.

3 Ways Digital Analytics Pros Can Stand Out from the Pack – Which abilities help digital professionals stand out? Our team shares which standout skills get consistently high marks.

Online Marketing Jobs in 2018: What Employers are Looking For – What skills are the most in-demand for online marketing positions? Here are the top asks from employers.

Early Career Data Science & Analytics

The Burtch Works Studies for Predictive Analytics & Data Science – Download our latest salary studies and view our webinar recordings on YouTube.

Breaking Into Analytics & Data Science: Skills/Tools to Learn & How to Transition – How can you get started in a quantitative career? This guide shares skills and tools to learn, plus how to go about pursuing a new position.

How to Follow-Up After Data Science & Analytics Interviews – What comes after the interview? Here’s our tips on how and when to follow up, plus how to emphasize your experience.

Analytics & Data Science Interview Tips: Phone and In-Person – Preparing for interviews is crucial, so our team shares how data scientists and analytics professionals can get ready for both phone and on-site interviews.

7 More Resume Tips for Early Career Analytics Professionals – Our experts revisit the popular resume topic, and how analytics professionals can create stellar resumes.

How Analytics Pros & Data Scientists Can Provide Strategic Insights – How can professionals improve their strategic thinking and demonstrate this ability? Our team has some great advice.

10 Skype or Video Interview Tips for Analytics & Data Science Job Seekers – Video interviews are becoming an integral part of the hiring process at many companies, here’s how to ace yours.

Why Analytics Professionals Shouldn’t Take Counter Offers – Counter offers may be tempting, but accepting one is never a good idea.

Career Growth Tips for Analytics & Data Science Professionals – Our team has great tips for maximizing your analytics or data science career.

How to Make the Most of Your Analytics Internship – Here are some more tips on how to maximize what you get out of your analytics internship.

The Must-Have Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist – One of our most popular posts covers the top skills employers are looking for a in a data scientist.

Becoming a Data Scientist: Master’s Program, Bootcamp, or MOOCs? – This guest post covers pros and cons of some popular routes to data science.

White Papers

Internships – Internships can play a crucial part in securing employment after graduation, learn why in this white paper.

Job Search Research – Make sure you shine in your interviews by thoroughly researching the company you’re applying to.

Phone Interviews – A well-executed phone interview is an essential step in the hiring process; here are our best tips for phone interviews.

In-Person Interviews – Learn how to ace your in-person interviews.

References – A good reference can make or break your job search. Here’s what makes a good reference and who you should be asking.

Communication – Learning to communicate your ideas to a non-technical audience is a crucial skill in pursuing a quantitative or research career.

Visas – The visa process can make job searches tricky, this white paper has a rundown of the basics.