“Everywhere you look, there’s an opportunity to collect more data and then apply a statistical or mathematical approach to understanding what’s happening,” says Chris Kemp, chief executive officer of Nebula.
This quote comes from a recent two-part series on NPR’s Morning Edition about what they call “Big Data.” It’s what we call our raw material, or more aptly, our bread and butter. And it’s everywhere.

It looks like this picture will stay just as rosy for quantitative specialists for at least the next ten years to come. What a wonderful position to be in to start the New Year!

We’re feeling pretty lucky to be part of an industry that is enjoying such stability and growth, able to weather the ups and downs of what is likely to continue to be a volatile economy. We rejoice in each of your successes, and encourage you to hone your skills, stay hands-on (even at senior levels), and learn everything you can. Make plans now to attend an industry conference (or two) next year and continue to network at every opportunity.

Wishing you and your family all the best over the holidays and in the New Year to come.


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