Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Your specialized hire, our employee. Our contract staffing solutions offer a flexible and cost-effective way to fill project-based positions without acting as the employer of record and committing to full-time hire. We provide employee benefits, 401k match, upskilling, and payroll. Our extensive network of highly skilled professionals provides you with access to thousands of pre-screened, qualified candidates with the specific skills and experience needed for your project. We handle all administrative tasks related to onboarding, payroll, benefits, and upskilling so you can focus on driving results and meeting your business goals. Plus, our contract staffing services can scale up or down based on your evolving needs, providing the flexibility and agility needed to stay ahead in this dynamic industry. 

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How We Do it Better

At Burtch Works, we are specialized industry experts who offer omni-channel solutions that produce desired business outcomes. From our flexible contract staffing to fractional CXO services, we provide organizations with exactly what they need on an ongoing basis to thrive.

Our revolutionary talent platform enables us to match top-tier data and analytics professionals, who are otherwise impossible to obtain, with our customers' needs faster and more efficiently than traditional staffing and recruiting companies. We are both high tech and high touch allowing us to take a personalized approach to all our services, ensuring we understand our customers' unique needs and deliver unprecedented quality service throughout the entire process. Let Burtch Works be your trusted advisor and strategic partner in building winning teams and achieving sustainable growth and success.

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But Don’t Just Take it From Us

Senior Director

“Working with Burtch Works has been a seamless process from day one. Their contract staffing solutions allow me to flex my team up and down based on critical projects as they come and go for our critical business. I’ve been mostly impressed with their capability to provide my team with quality candidates in a timely manner, a difficult task in today’s job market. My experience has been fantastic, and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Director of Analytics, Outdoor Apparel Company

“Burtch Works helped us with a critical manager hire as we built out our Digital Analytics team. They brought multiple, highly qualified candidates for us to interview, from which we ultimately found a great fit. Burtch Works was responsive, thoughtful, and collaborative throughout the entire process, we are so pleased with our experience.”

Executive VP, Business Consulting & Services

“Burtch Works works with us to understand the full range of skills we need – technical, communication and collaboration – to ensure they are identifying people who will succeed and thrive working at our company”