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At Burtch Works, we are committed to our responsibility as a conduit of information to the analytics and marketing research communities. Not only do we expand the breadth and depth of our industry knowledge with original research, but we have made all our research available to you, for free.

From our unique vantage point on the hiring market, we bring you unparalleled data about salaries and talent movement to help you make the best choices for your career and your team.

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The Burtch Works Studies

With never-before-seen compensation data and demographics for some of today’s hottest fields, our Burtch Works Studies hold critical information for both job seekers and employers. Download the studies for free here.

Data Scientists & Predictive Analytics Professionals

By mid-2013, the Big Data phenomenon had taken the business world by storm: data scientists and analytics professionals across the country were wrangling exponentially growing data sets, and salaries were increasing as the demand for rigorous quantitative skills quickly outpaced the talent pool. With leaders everywhere struggling to make competitive offers and professionals uncertain of their value in the market, we conducted the first-ever Burtch Works Study to finally quantify the salary bands for this specialized talent.

In 2019, we combined our once-separate Data Science and Predictive Analytics salary reports into one, to show how we segment the quantitative market, how salaries compare, and demographic differences between the two groups. Download our 2020 report for the latest information on data scientists and predictive analytics professionals across the country.

Marketing Research & Consumer Insights Professionals

As companies everywhere began making more data-driven decisions, they turned to the masters of consumer insights – marketing researchers – to develop 360 degree insights for their organizations. Hiring was accelerating, and with both clients and candidates searching for a clear picture of where salary bands were in every industry and location, we released our salary study dedicated to these storytellers of the data boom. Download our 2020 report to see how salaries vary from client to supplier side and across a wide range of job levels and demographic factors.

Additional/Other Research

We are constantly striving to quantify topics of interest to the analytics and research communities. By conducting “flash surveys” and other research of our wide network, and partnering with research firms, we provide the hiring market insights you need to know now. Learn more about our surveys below, or contact us to learn more.

WFH Preferences for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, & Researchers

WFH has become an incredibly hot topic, and with many wondering what the future of work will look like, we asked our network whether they preferred working in the office or WFH as well as how many days in the office would be ideal.

2021 Analytics & Data Science Hiring Survey Results

How many data science and analytics teams are hiring in 2021, and what percentage are expanding or looking for contract employees? We asked our network of hiring authorities and the results are encouraging.

2021 Marketing Research & Consumer Insights Hiring Survey Results

How many research and insights teams are hiring in 2021, and what percentage are expanding vs. backfilling or even cutting back? We asked our network of hiring authorities and examined the results to see what is motivating current hiring plans.

Are 2020 Bonuses Disrupted by the Pandemic?

The pandemic had a wide range of impacts, including disrupting hiring and compensation. So, we asked our network to tell us about the state of their 2020 annual bonuses.

2020 SAS, R, or Python Survey Results

To quantify the tool preferences of Burtch Works’ network and how they change, each year we’ve asked data scientists and analytics professionals whether they prefer to use SAS, R, or Python. We then further analyze the results to discover how preferences vary by years of experience, education level, industry, and region. This flash survey always garners a surge of interest across the analytics community!

COVID-19 Impact Survey Partnership with the IIA

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we teamed up with the IIA to survey our network about how analytics teams were being impacted and examined their responses over several months.

Are Firms Offering Data Literacy Resources?

With the goal of better acquainting business unit stakeholders with the complex insights that data scientists and analytics professionals provide, we’ve been hearing about more firms offering data literacy resources. How many firms are providing training or upskilling, and what types of resources are the most likely to be offered?

The Data Translator/Storyteller Role in Data Science & Analytics

As quantitative approaches have taken root in many organizations, we’ve heard about Data Translator or Storyteller roles to help maximize the use of insights.How prevalent is this type of role in different organizations, and how does this vary by company size and industry?

2019 Update: Analytics Salary Increases When Changing Jobs

Whether you’re planning a career move or planning your firm’s recruiting and retention strategy, it helps to know how much of a salary increase is typical when changing jobs! We examined our network of data scientists and analytics professionals to map the distribution of salary increases increases.

How Many Analytics Pros & Data Scientists are Changing Jobs?

We’ve been examining our network for the past few years to find how many professionals are changing jobs, as well as their average tenure, and how this varies depending on years of experience.

Job Change & Tenure Data for Marketing Researchers

Our analysis of marketing researchers found that the market is active, especially at the early career level! See how many changed jobs as well as their average tenure.

What Motivates Data Scientists & Analytics Pros to Change Jobs?

Which factors are the most important to data scientists and analytics professionals considering a job change? We surveyed hundreds of professionals and examined how their responses vary by years’ experience, region, and gender.

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