Young Analytics Professional Webinar

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Analytics & Data Science Career Strategies from Analyst to Head Honcho

This webinar focuses career planning at every stage of a data scientist or analytics professional’s career including:

  • Early career planning
  • Mid career planning
  • Head honcho planning
  • Demographic/salary trends for analytics pros & data scientists
  • Common mistakes professionals make
  • Advice on how you can keep up!

Perfect Your Job Search: How to Be Prepared For & What to Expect in Your Interviews

This webinar focuses on streamlining your job search, including specific information on:

  • Internships and their importance
  • The impact of references
  • Researching companies and recent news in order to prepare yourself
  • Interview dos and don’ts
  • Types of questions to expect in an interview

Job Search Tips for Students Pursuing Analytics & Data Science

This webinar focuses on do’s and don’ts for quantitative students graduating their degree programs who hope to get into the growing fields of analytics and data science:

  • The different between analytics professionals and data scientists
  • What skills are required for advanced analytics and data science
  • Typical qualifications of professionals in these fields
  • How to make yourself stand out with Kaggle competitions or specialty certifications
  • Key tips for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job boards
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