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Burtch Works offers pinpoint perfect placement for highly qualified quantitative business professionals. We specialize in marketing research, marketing science, credit and risk analytics, data science, and direct and digital marketing for a wide range of businesses and industries—from growing startups to global corporate giants.

We specialize in:

Analytics & Data Science

As large-scale data analysis becomes more commonplace within organizations, the need for predictive analytics professionals and data scientists is increasing. Businesses need people who can handle the increasingly large amounts of information available to make more strategic decisions. At Burtch Works, we work tirelessly to ensure that you have the analytics expertise you need to avoid talent shortages.

Data Engineering

As data teams have increased in size, it’s now become more common to see data engineers working alongside data scientists and other analytics professionals. Data engineers will pull, clean, and load the data into databases for data scientists and data analysts to work with, and it is a specialty that relies very heavily on expertise with a wide range of data tools.

Marketing Research & Consumer Insights

Marketing researchers are more than data collectors; they are masters of customer insights. Sometimes known as attitudinal researchers, they are able to get into people’s heads to figure out what they think, what they want, and what motivates them. Using primary and secondary research, these professionals are an invaluable resource in today’s customer-centric world.

Lending, Fraud & Risk Analytics

Working in regulatory environments, these strategic professionals solve business problems with analytical insights in the dynamic space of commercial and consumer lending, banking, and financial services consulting.

Web Analytics & Digital Marketing

Today’s direct marketers are technology gurus, harnessing the ever-evolving “new media” in creative ways, which includes understanding consumer traffic through traditional methods, in addition to web traffic.

CRM & Direct Marketing

Direct marketing (or integrated marketing) has evolved from piles of junk mail into highly sophisticated and targeted messaging strategies. With sophisticated customer relationship (CRM) programs, direct marketers ensure that your message can be delivered to the exact audience looking for your product or services.