Meet Our Team

Here at Burtch Works, we believe in putting a face to a name. Our team consists of industry leading analytics and data science recruiters as well as market research recruiters. Look through our team bios below, and get to know our specialty recruiting experts.

Linda Burtch

Linda-Burtch Linda is the founder and managing director at Burtch Works, with more than 30 years of experience placing quantitative professionals. Her expertise has been widely cited in many news outlets, and her deep industry knowledge has made her an invaluable resource for clients and candidates alike.

“Having a long, vested interest in the quantitative and marketing communities, I know what works, and have a true belief that these professions will continue to evolve and grow in important and interesting directions. My greatest professional satisfaction comes from helping candidates explore and realize their career potential, and working with clients to plan for and maximize the potential of their business.”

Sandy Marmitt

Sandy-Marmitt With more than 20 years’ experience in recruiting and human resources, Sandy is our go-to recruiter for mid- to senior-level candidates in quantitative analytics. She is a firm believer in the adage that people hire people.

“Along the way I have developed relationships with hiring managers and corporate human resource professionals, allowing me to put my candidates directly in front of the decision makers, instead of getting lost in the black hole of the Internet resume submission process.”

Katie Ferguson

Katie-Ferguson After graduating from the University of Illinois with a master’s degree in human resource development, Katie spent six years as a recruiter and human resource generalist for the city of Chicago. As a specialist in quantitative marketing science, Katie helped launch Burtch Works’ mid- and junior-level analytics practice, and has been working with analytics professionals for over ten years.

“Recruiting is often an evolving process, and developing long-term relationships is critical to making the process a success. Qualifications listed on the big job boards are only a part of the picture. Personal connections made by a recruiter and strong relationships will lead to a successful match that is likely to last.”

Kit Nordmark

Kit NordmarkBefore joining Burtch Works, Kit worked in the marketing research industry itself with a focus in qualitative research, most recently at The Futures Company (now operating as Kantar). Prior to that Kit worked at TRU — a boutique insights firm specializing in the youth demographic.

“Because I’ve spent time within the industry itself, I am acutely familiar with the ins and outs of marketing research and insights. I can leverage my background in research to uniquely understand what our clients seek in talent, as well as what our candidates bring to the table, and develop relationships that lead to matching our clients with top-notch marketing research professionals.”

Heidi Kalish

Heidi-Kalish With over 20 years’ experience recruiting in the quantitative fields, Heidi is one of our most experienced specialists. She is currently an executive recruiter on our quantitative team, assisting with the credit risk specialty, and balances her time at Burtch Works with her career in photography.

“Regardless of how technical our society becomes, strong personal relationships will always win over a faceless job process. We are committed to building those relationships with both our candidates and clients, which is why we have such deep relationships with so many of them.”

Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans Before coming to Burtch Works, Caroline earned a Master’s degree in fine art and then worked as an Admissions Recruiter at an art college, as well as on the sales support side at a specialized staffing firm. She now leads Burtch Works’ data engineering recruiting team.

“Through working in recruiting, sales, and marketing at different points in my career, I’ve come to realize the importance of developing strong relationships in whatever I do. As a recruiter, transparent communication is crucial to making the hiring process as smooth as possible for job seekers and clients alike, and is the basis of forming mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships.”

Stefan Vallentine

Stefan-Vallentine Prior to Burtch Works, Stefan graduated from the University of Iowa with Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and English, and he previously worked in recruiting for actuaries and predictive modelers in the insurance industry. Stefan now works on the early career quantitative and analytics team at Burtch Works.

“As a recruiter, I’ve learned that the most successful recruiting processes have strong relationships formed at their core. I strive to create meaningful connections with both candidates and clients to best understand and fulfill their needs, creating beneficial, lasting relationships.”

Jake Murray

Jake-MurrayJake received his degree in Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern University, and in his role at Burtch Works, Jake uses his internship experience in recruiting and data analytics to assist Caroline Evans with data engineering roles.

“During my time as a student-athlete at Northwestern, I realized that the key to making real connections with people is communication. This leads to a strong understanding of the beliefs, wants, and needs of others to find the best solution.”

Alma Hembree

Alma-HembreeBefore joining Burtch Works, Alma spent the last 10 years in Finance and Data Analytics with focuses on pharmacy retail, biopharma, and manage care. In her role at Burtch Works, Alma works with Caroline Evans on data engineering roles.

“I believe that my background in data analytics and finance uniquely positions me to understand the specific needs of our clients and the capabilities of our candidates. My goal in recruiting with Burtch Works is to make the most effective matches based on a strong understanding of the industries we support, and the skills needed to execute.”

Melissa Cadena

Melissa-CadenaMelissa has several years of experience in staffing, supporting clients from initial startup through Fortune 50 organizations. Melissa started her career after college as a writer and assistant producer for News Radio, and transitioned to staffing and business development from an agency perspective. She now works with Burtch Works’ data engineering team.

“Although it was a change in focus, I think I’m a better recruiter because I started my career in news. It taught me to be an intuitive listener, to cultivate relationships, and to better highlight and express what makes a candidate a great fit for the right opportunity. My goal continues to be fostering the development of my candidates’ careers and building stronger relationships with clients.”

Natalie Rubenstein

Natalie-RubensteinNatalie comes to Burtch Works from the technical recruiting sector with a strong background in business development and long-term relationship building. She has significant experience identifying contract, contract-to-permanent, and permanent positions in the areas of IT, Business Applications, Telecommunications and Engineering, and now works on our data engineering team.

“Through my work in various sales and recruiting roles, I’ve learned that listening is the most important part of my job. Listening to my client’s needs helps me understand their goals and provide first-in-class service, and I pride myself on doing what’s right for both the client and the candidate above all else.”

Mike Hayes

Mike-HayesA recent graduate from West Chester University with a major in Marketing, Mike is Burtch Works’ first employee based out of the Philadelphia area, and will be supporting the data science recruiting team focused on the Northeast Region of the country.

“My passion for helping people meet their goals and find success is the driving factor for my work ethic. Advancing candidates career’s while supplying clients with the pivotal help they need for success will always be rewarding!”

Henry Hartmann

Henry-HartmannHenry received his BS in Finance from the College of Charleston, and before coming to Burtch Works gained experience with internships in Private Equity and a Tech Startup in Los Angeles.

“Working as an analyst for a tech startup coupled with my exposure to the Private Equity world really sparked my interest in IT and data science. Gaining experience with business use cases for these technologies helped me realize the significant impact that data has on our lives, and encouraged my interest in recruiting for these fields.”

Joe Laverty

Joe-LavertyJoe comes to Burtch Works with over 7 years of direct experience as a data scientist. He has an extensive background in the analytics field working to build statistical modeling, advanced analytics, and visualization/reporting in both the banking and manufacturing industries.

“I truly believe that the fields of data science, analytics, and technology are helping to solve some of our generation’s biggest issues today, as well as making the world a better place. Here at Burtch Works, we believe in and are working every day to accelerate a singular purpose – to drive the world further toward digital transformation.”

TJ King

TJ-KingBefore joining Burtch Works, TJ spent 10 years in the education sector as a professional counselor advising individuals through critical life moments. In his role at Burtch Works, TJ leverages his counselor skillset and supports Linda Burtch on senior data science and quantitative analytics roles.

“I’m passionate about helping people through critical life moments and believe my background uniquely positions me as a trusted advisor for both clients and candidates. I believe listening is the key to developing strong relationships and providing a best-in-class experience for both clients and candidates.”

Stacy Bosowski

Stacy-Bosowski Stacy is Burtch Works’ Director of Marketing & Social Media, with a background in creative writing and a degree in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Marketing. She has helped to grow and manage Burtch Works’ marketing, content creation, and social media activities over the past six years.

“Having an online presence has become an essential part of staying current in today’s market. Our recruiters all have considerable expertise in their specialties, and so my goal is to have our social media channels communicate their hiring and career insights, focusing on topics of importance to our diverse audience.”

Mary Duskwood

Mary DuskwoodBefore coming to Burtch Works, Mary earned a Master’s degree in International Relations then worked in the fast-paced IT department of a major mortgage company. She leverages her extensive knowledge of technology to help Burtch Works more efficiently and completely serve its clients and candidates as Burtch Works’ Director of Operations & Research.

“With all of the tools that technology and the internet provide, you’d think finding a job would be easy, but in fact, it seems to have only become more dehumanized and overwhelming. Burtch Works provides the human touch that job matches need to be truly fruitful and successful for the long-term.”

Jon Linn

Jon LinnJon brings over seven years of experience working in business development and client management across technical recruiting and professional consulting services. He is focused on cultivating our current relationships and expanding to new client relationships through a consultative approach in helping them solve their unique business challenges.

“As the world and technology continues to evolve, the importance of building a meaningful relationship along with the business partnership remains of utmost importance. I enjoy getting to know my clients personally, partnering with them to solve problems, and helping them achieve positive business outcomes to take their organization to the next level.”

Hussan Ali

Hussan AliHussan recently graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration concentrated in Information Systems. He has had prior internships that involved working with data administration, as well as HR/Recruiting, which can be leveraged at his role here at Burtch Works as a Recruiting Associate assisting Linda Burtch.

“As I begin my career I have learned that in business it is all about the people and relationships you build along the way. You never know who you can help or who can help you in the distant future, so it is best to always be trustworthy, keep your integrity, and keep in touch with your network.”