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2020 Marketing Research & Consumer Insights Hiring Survey Results

February 24, 2020

This post is contributed by Burtch Works’ marketing research and consumer insights recruiting team.Our latest salary report for research & insights professionals found that salaries are continuing to increase at all job levels, with especially strong activity at the junior end. You can read about recent MR trends and our industry outlook here.Looking ahead to 2020, we wanted to take a look at hiring demand and see how current hiring plans compare to last year.

Research & Insights Hiring in 2020

To further quantify hiring demand in the industry, we send out a “flash survey” to our network at the beginning of the year that asks research & insights hiring authorities to describe their staffing plans for the first half of 2020.

Very similar to our results from last year, 71% of suppliers and 42% of client-side teams are planning to hire in some capacity (this includes those adding to headcount, those only backfilling vacant roles, and teams who are doing a combination of both).We also looked at how many marketing research and consumer insights teams are expanding, meaning they’re actively trying to increase headcount. We found that 63% of supplier side teams and 28% of client-side teams are growing (this includes teams that are hiring with the ultimate goal of increasing overall headcount).In regards to the other respondents, 54% of client side teams and 29% of supplier-side teams reported that they are holding steady (not planning to hire at this time). Only 5% of client-side teams reported that they are cutting back, and no supplier-side teams reported a planned reduction to headcount.

Looking to write better research job descriptions?

Hoping to land top research and insights talent in 2020? We posted a two-part series on how to improve research job descriptions, including how to describe job tasks and outline the qualifications you’re seeking.

  1. Part 1: Describing Job TasksCheck out our first post for our advice on what to consider when sketching out what to include in your postings, as well as how to present responsibilities in a compelling way: designing compelling research, managing projects, methodologies and techniques, reporting and applying results, working cross-functionally, and much more.
  2. Part 2: Outlining QualificationsCheck out our second post for guidelines on how to outline the desired qualifications for an ideal research candidate, including: educational profile, industry or category experience, research experience and skills, communication and project management skills, interpersonal skills, and more.

These posts are loaded with examples, so you’ll be well on your way to securing the talent you need!

Looking to manage your research career?

Are you thinking about a career move this year? Here are a few posts that might be helpful:

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  2. How to assess research opportunitieshere are some tips for evaluating whether a new role lines up with your career goals and other items to consider including: industry exposure, building your toolkit, leadership, team types, and growth potential.
  3. Should you get a Masters or an MBA? – continuing your education is a personal decision, but here are some career paths and other things to keep in mind if you’re considering one of these routes.

We hope this information was helpful! If you’re looking to hire marketing research or consumer insights talent, or looking for new opportunities, be sure to connect with us.

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