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3 Growing Salesforce-Focused Roles in the Digital Space

October 21, 2019

This post is contributed by Burtch Works’ web and digital analytics team.Salesforce has long been a dominant player in the digital space, and as it continues to add new offerings to its arsenal, I’m seeing more Salesforce-focused roles popping up amongst companies that rely on its suite of tools.Adopting Salesforce tools can be a significant investment, and as the focus on marketing budgets (and ROI) continues to intensify, many companies are looking to find digital experts that can ensure the firm is maximizing the benefits reaped from Salesforce products. If there are limited professionals with expertise in the tools that the company is employing, this can create a roadmap issue if the company struggles to optimize its tool use and justify marketing spend.Here are three different types of roles I’m seeing more of lately, and how organizations are using them:

1. The Salesforce Administrator Type

While this type of role may not be technically as in-depth as some of the others, it usually serves as a crucial point of contact for other professionals and teams in the organization. SF Admins are often tasked with knowing the broad strokes of the products that their company is using, especially in regards to understanding where to find additional information and answer any questions that their colleagues may have.

Hallmarks of the Salesforce Administrator type:
  • Internal point of contact for Salesforce-related queries
  • Likely certified on Salesforce, with a variety of different levels
  • Helps colleagues use different tools more efficiently

2. The Marketing Operations Type

There are many CRM tools in Salesforce, including Journey Builder, Content Builder, and others, and someone in this type of role is typically looked to as the expert on the process they’re overseeing. Tools like the Journey Builder enable companies to control the cadence of communication between methods like email and mobile to keep consumers active and engaged with the brand, while Content Builder enables content consolidation to facilitate a holistic, cross-channel marketing approach.

Hallmarks of the Marketing Operations type:
  • Some may need a specialized language within Salesforce (i.e. AmpScript)
  • Experts in smart targeting to ensure the right content on the right medium at the right time
  • Especially common in healthcare and consulting, or in-house at a marketing agency

3. The Salesforce Tool Expert Type

If you’re a Salesforce expert in a specific tool or function, this type of role can offer an opportunity to put your expertise to good use if a company is keen to hire digital professionals who don’t need additional training and can instead hit the ground running. One of the examples I’ve seen recently has been companies specifically looking for digital professionals who are expert Pardot users, and having specialized tool experience like this seems to be especially common for companies using tools in the Salesforce suite.

Hallmarks of the Salesforce Tool Expert type:
  • Expert user in a specific Salesforce tool or product
  • Up-to-date on the newest and most efficient use cases for that particular tool

Salesforce is an ecosystem with many tools and services in the sales and marketing space, so it makes sense that companies utilizing these products (especially with the significant investment), would be looking to hire professionals who are well-versed in how to use them most efficiently. And, with nearly 20% market share, Salesforce is a dominating force in the digital space.Since Salesforce has now completed their acquisition of Tableau, all your direct marketing needs from inception through end of campaign data visualization can now be incorporated in one tool, allowing you a seamless view into your customer interaction.Where Salesforce goes from here is yet to be seen, but its dominance in the market has created a demand from employers for these skills, as well as a very focused career opportunity for candidates.Curious to see whether we have any roles that fit your experience, or looking to hire web and/or digital analytics experts for your team? Feel free to connect with us.

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