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3 Ways Digital Analytics Pros Can Stand Out from the Pack

April 9, 2018

This post is contributed by Burtch Works’ web and digital analytics recruiting team.It’s no secret that the digital revolution has vastly transformed how companies do business. As a result, professionals that are adept in the areas of digital strategy and analytics have been in high demand, with the market showing no signs of slowing down.Here at Burtch Works, we like to keep an eye on industry shifts in the digital space so that we can keep you informed!In addition to several technical skills that have been growing in importance lately, I’ve noticed a few abilities that really seem to differentiate “cream of the crop” digital analytics professionals when employers are looking to hire:

1. The ability to distinguish the signal from the noise

Marketing campaigns have evolved from separate campaigns via traditional media like newspapers and television to now encompassing multi-channel experiences on the web, social media, email, paid/organic search, in-store promotions, and much more. Campaigns must offer a consistent experience and everything must be tracked, but this influx of data can offer a significant challenge to digital analytics professionals!With so many components to evaluate, how do you decide what’s important? How can you determine what should be measured and reported, and which factors are less important? Being able to make these decisions quickly and efficiently is a key skill for digital analytics professionals to have, and knowing how to determine what is important vs. what is just noise will set you apart.

2. The ability to understand the entire customer journey

Just as campaigns have evolved to encompass more areas, the customer journey now may offer a much more challenging path for digital analytics professionals to track. Those that can evaluate the path a customer takes to a purchase, and translate the Voice of the Customer (VOC) will have a more holistic view of where there may be deflection or frustration points along this journey.What are the customer’s expectations and preferences? Where are opportunities being lost or capitalized on? How can a customer’s inclinations and aversions be used to improve purchases and retention? Digital analytics professionals that can answer these questions may have the advantage of showing their value with increased revenue, which always gives them a leg up!

3. The ability to use #1 and #2 to make strategic recommendations

It is one thing to be able to understand what is going on and why, but digital analytics professionals that truly want to stand apart from their competition are able to answer the next logical question: so,what do we do about this?Being able to develop key insights and make strategic recommendations is a topic we’ve discussed before, and for good reason. Professionals that can synthesize vast quantities of information, discern what is valuable, evaluate the customer journey, and then additionally recommend a path forward for the business are extremely valuable!More and more, companies are looking for professionals that can bridge the gap between having technical analytical skills and having the business acumen to be able to see the big picture for the business. This is a critical skill for any leader to have, and any digital analytics professional that can demonstrate this ability through their work experience will stand out as an exceptional candidate.The introduction of programmatic media spend introduces a new channel for collecting data and an additional strategic focus for analytic careers. Being able to combine this real-time data with industry acumen will allow for a sharper focus of the digital landscape and facilitate a more personalized approach for the shopper.The ever changing landscape of what “multi-channel” messaging means will continue to shape the analytical career path, and smart analytical professionals will need to focus on adding insights and strategic recommendations to increase their value as a candidates.Curious to see whether we have any roles that fit your experience, or looking to hire web and/or digital analytics experts for your team? Feel free to connect with us.

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