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Online Marketing Jobs: What Employers are Looking For

January 22, 2018

This post is contributed by Burtch Works’ data science & analytics recruiting team.The past decade has brought rapid changes to the field of online marketing. Social media analytics has become an area to watch. And, as more consumers seek out information online before they ever set foot in a store, more companies and industries are incorporating SEM, tag management, and PPC into their digital strategy to make sure their website is getting out in front of potential customers.These strategies have always been prevalent in ecommerce and retail, but as traditional companies in every industry realize that they’re competing with web-first powerhouses like Amazon, we’re seeing more investment in driving people to websites, not just brick and mortar stores.In terms of what companies are looking for in their online marketing hires, there are three main areas that have become common requests from employers:

1. SEO/Paid Search managers with big budget experience

Investment in SEM and PPC is increasing, and more companies are looking for professionals who can not only optimize their ad spending, but have the experience and forecasting ability necessary to wield massive budgets. These professionals must be able to execute a wide variety of paid media strategies, all while optimizing, budgeting, and demonstrating a return on this significant investment.

2. Tag management takes off

As one of the hot skills we covered last year, tag management continues to grow in importance. Having a professional who is less dependent on IT handling your tag manager makes it easier to track and update system information.Employers are looking for online marketing professionals who can be more self-sufficient, and who have the ability to optimize campaigns and can show how they’re positively contributing to the business.

3. The ability to glean insights and tell a story

With available data increasing at breakneck speed, many companies are looking at their digital strategy and wondering – what am I getting out of all this? KPI reports may outline what is happening, but companies are looking for professionals that can go one step further and explain why it’s happening.Storytelling is the ability to analyze the data and connect the dots. Deriving insights is a key part of making sure your analysis is actionable, and showing that it can have a positive impact on the business. If you can explain what is happening, why it’s happening, and if you have an understanding of what questions to ask next, you’ll be in a very strong position in the online marketing space this year.Most of our roles require this now! One of our frequent refrains is that analytics is moving “from the back room to the board room”, meaning that as digital professionals of every stripe are becoming more visible in the organization, everyone needs to have the polish and strong communication skills necessary to impress executive-level management.With consumers having the ability to shop and do just about anything at their fingertips, digital folks are, now more than ever, having a strong impact on the success of the business.Best of luck in your job search, and be sure to connect with us.

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