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Big Data is a Big Hit? Tell Us Something We Don't Know

February 15, 2012

Did you see the article in Saturday’s NY Times? The Age of Big Data article was a huge Internet hit. Everyone was talking about it, from Federal News Radio to individual bloggers. Big Data is Big News, but not to us. We’ve been talking about it for … years.We know that the ability for computers to crunch vast quantities of data has been around for a good handful of years.We know that the data doesn’t explain itself—that to be meaningful it needs to be analyzed by quantitative specialists who can help companies turn lots of data into usable information.We know that statistics are sexy—especially in the job market.So, where’s the news in this news?A quick Google search reveals that the rest of the world is still trying to define Big Data. Literally tens of thousands of sources have Big Data on the brain. In just the last hour, Google News reports 37,100 search results for Big Data. Listed below are just a few examples of the stories you can find. Take a look, if you're interested. In the meantime, while everybody is busy figuring out what Big Data means, we’ll keep moving forward. And we’ll let you know when the rest of the world catches up. 2/14 Panel: Social big data analytics proving difficult within the enterprise (ZD Net)2/14 Big Data is Changing the Game (IT Web Business Intelligence)2/14 Big data and open source software (Federal News Radio)2/14 Big Data and Procurement: Get Ready (Some Context First) — Part 1 (Spend Matters)

2/14 Why Midsize Businesses Shouldn't Leave Big Data to Big Businesses (Infoboom)

2/14 Some Thoughts on Big Data (ABC Technology and Games)2/14 What is Big Data – An Explanation in Simple Words (SQL Authority)

2/13 'Big Data' Prep: Five Things IT Should Do Now (PC World)2/13 Using big data to make an MPG for everything ( Big Data = Big Challenge? Utilities compete for analytics talent (Intelligent Utility2/13 SQL Server 2012, cloud, ‘big data’ driving momentum in 2012 (Search SQL Server)2/13 What's your agency's big data IQ? (Government Computer News)2/13 Best U.S. jobs will be in data (CBS/smartplanet)

2/13 The Last-Mile Challenge of Big Data (Qlik Community)2/13 How Big Data is Creating the Future of Science Fiction (Smart Data Collective)2/13 The Intersection of Security Intelligence and Big Data Analytics (Network World)2/13 EMC to Open Cloud and Big Data R&D Center in Russia (The Nation)2/13 The Future of High-Tech Health Care — and the Challenge (NY Times Technology)

2/12 Big Data: Smart move for the future (Fierce FinanceIT)

2/11 Big Data and Rise of Predictive Enterprise Solutions (Smart Data Collective)2/11 How's India Dealing with Big Data? (CIO.India)2/11 The Age of Big Data (NY Times Sunday Review)

2/10 Big Data Demands New Skills (WSJ Tech)2/10 Defining the Art of Big Data Leadership (Forbes)

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