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Valentine’s Day Special Feature: 9 Ways to Make Your Recruiter Love You

February 3, 2020

This blog is contributed by members of Burtch Works’ data science and analytics recruiting team.

Ever notice how so many career articles contain cliché analogies about how the job search process is a bit like dating? We have!Being recruiters, we thought that, as a Valentine’s Day treat, we’d share some of our own cliché dating analogies on how to really WOW that special recruiter in your life and land the job of your dreams.

9 Ways to Make Your Recruiter Love You

1. Be open and transparent about your situation

Although it can be tempting to hold back details when you’re looking to impress a recruiter, the more open and honest you are about your background, skills and experience, and what you’re looking for, the better we can help you find what you really want!

2. Cast a wide net (at least at first)

With so many fish in the sea (we’re talking about jobs here if that wasn’t clear) why not cast a wide net to see what you reel in! Be open to new types of opportunities and see what’s out there before you narrow things down too much, because sometimes recruiters can present you with jobs that you might not have considered before.

3. Keep us updated throughout your job search

If we’re working with you on your search, make sure to keep us updated on your progress! Do you have other job offers in the mix? Did an interview go particularly well? Are you excited about a particular opportunity? Keep us posted on how things are going! Not only does this help us manage your interview timelines and interactions with our client companies, but we also like to hear how things are going.

4. No ghosting!

This should be a no-brainer, but disappearing after you’ve started a relationship is a very bad look! It burns bridges and will hurt your chances of working with those people again in the future. After all, you can’t ghost someone and then turn around and ask for another date if you’re still searching a few months later!

5. Send us regular boxes of chocolate

Ok so this one isn’t required at all, but you can’t blame a hungry recruiter for trying!

6. Give us feedback on the opportunities we send you, even if it’s negative

Whether a job looks like your dream opportunity or your worst nightmare, we want to hear about it! Most importantly, we want to know why so that we can use your feedback to fine tune our picture of just what you’re looking for.

7. Set us up with your friends?

The dating analogy falls apart here a little bit, but have you ever met someone you really get along with through a mutual friend? Some of our best recruiting introductions come from the professionals that we’ve already worked with, since they know our specialties best. Friends help friends find great jobs!

8. Stay in touch throughout your career – we like to hear from you!

We always recommend networking throughout your career since you never know where your next opportunity might pop up, and that includes staying in touch with us! If there are changes to your situation (Looking to relocate? Thinking about changing industries? Wanting to expand your skillset?) we might be able to help.

9. Pay attention to trends in your space

Regardless of what field or industry you’re working in, we always encourage professionals to be aware of trends in your space! New developments, tool trends, innovations, and hiring trends are all helpful pieces of the career management puzzle, and the more you know the better informed you’ll be when you decide to start looking.

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