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Burtch Works Announces Partnership with AlignAI

June 27, 2023

[COLUMBUS, OH, June 27, 2023] - Burtch Works, a leading total talent solutions provider specializing in data science and analytics, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AlignAI, the number one platform to help companies with AI Adoption. This ecosystem is changing fast, data practitioners need a place where they belong, and where they can get relevant, current, unbiased advice and support. Along with that, companies are having a hard time finding and retaining talent in this space - both technical and business-oriented. On top of talent struggles, the cultural shift necessary for companies to further leverage data & AI is one of the top challenges Chief Data Officers are managing today.  This collaboration between two industry leaders aims to leverage their respective strengths to foster innovation, enhance client offerings, and further mature organizations.

Burtch Works has been at the forefront of the data science recruiting space for over a decade, connecting top organizations with exceptional data science and analytics talent. Through their extensive network of 125,000+ data and technology professionals, Burtch Works has gained deep insights into the evolving needs of data professionals and organizations as they navigate the complexities of the talent landscape.

AlignAI, on the other hand, empowers companies to build custom programs and playbooks around their standards and practices that everyone can learn and follow. This is the only scalable way to support the massive workforce transformation happening today around data & AI. As organizations mature, they must support brand-new capabilities and ensure that they have well-defined standards around the development and usage of AI. They need the right roles and responsibilities in place as well as defined workflows.

The strategic partnership between Burtch Works and AlignAI will enable both companies to harness their complementary strengths to provide end-to-end solutions for organizations. By combining Burtch Works' deep understanding of talent acquisition and data and analytics market trends with AlignAI's technical expertise and innovative solutions, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value to clients. 

Palmer Karsh, Director of Market Operations for Burtch Works, spoke to the newly announced partnership: "Our partnership with AlignAI is strategic and will bring tremendous value to our clients. This alliance enables us to solve for the specific business needs of our customers by either going to market for net new talent or upskilling existing talent to transform and sustain their current workforce. Our offerings in partnership with AlignAI will differentiate us and aid in our goal to be a full-service talent partner for the marketplace.”

Rehgan Avon, AlignAI’s CEO, shared, "We’re so excited about this strategic partnership, especially with a company like Burtch Works. This collaboration is powerful because Burtch Works is approaching the problem from the talent side and AlignAI ensures companies are ready to support them. There has never been a more significant shift in the workforce that has happened so fast. If organizations do not have a plan to reinforce and sustain this change, they will fall behind quickly.”

About Burtch Works: Burtch Works is the national leader in total talent solutions with a specialization in data science, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data engineering, business intelligence, predictive analytics, product development, quantitative business analytics, operations research, web analytics, credit/risk analytics, marketing research, cloud platform technologies and much more. As an industry pioneer, Burtch Works prides itself on its approach as trusted advisors and career advocates by providing subject matter expertise, compelling career opportunities, and leading information and research on trends across the industry.

About AlignAI: AlignAI help companies build, adopt, and govern their data & AI policies and procedures. With a focus on driving adoption for data & AI solutions, AlignAI partners with organizations to make it seamless to mature their capabilities to support data & AI initiatives.

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Palmer Karsh, Market Co-Founder and Director of Market Operations, Burtch Works

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Rehgan Avon, Co-Founder and CEO, AlignAI

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